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Have there been times when you wished you had nicer presentation materials to share with a good prospect or client that highlighted your business in a different way than your website?

Yurown Flipbooks allow you to create the type of message you want certain parts of your audience to see. Restaurants, Event Planning Spaces, Law, Accounting and Publishing firms, Interior Designers, Real Estate Professionals and countless others use Flipbooks to highlight the very best of what they offer to move their message to their prospect or client. Many choose to create a thumbnail inside their website, so their audience can get a more condensed version of their products and skills without having to try to locate what they're looking for.

The ability to engage and share socially in a more nimble manner is all the rage as more people are consuming your message via Social Media platforms like Facebook along with Email and SMS campaigns. Analytics are built into Yurown's Software so you can receive the knowledge to gauge how your campaigns are running.

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Flipbooks Key Features


Add links into each page as either a standalone or group link. Once the link is created, simply tap where you would like the link to be put on the page and then position with your finger and save. Need the same link on each page within your materials? Simply tap and position the same link on each page and you’re all set.

Yurown Flipbooks Key Features - Linking


Have a great video you would like to put on the cover of your presentation? Our YouTube Embedded player allows your videos to be saved inside your Yurown account and be placed on your page instantly.

Yurown Flipbooks Key Features - Video

Adding a page

Have you ever wanted to add a new page to your collateral but worried about the costs of reprinting a brochure or stressing about relinking an entire brochure from scratch? With Yurown, simply upload a new page, sort what page you want the number to be, decide whether you want to put links inside and that’s it, you're good to go.

Yurown Flipbooks Key Features - Add New Page

Replacing a page

Did your restaurant interior get redone and now your collateral is outdated? With Yurown Software, all you do is delete the page you wish, add a new page of what you've changed, add linking or not and you're finished. No need to relink the prior pages in your book.

Yurown Flipbooks Key Features - Replace Page

Individual Pages

Have a 16 page flipbook and know your client only needs to see page 4 and 7? Yurown Software the allows separation of each page so you can copy and paste the pages you want to share. Any linking on those pages will be retained.

Yurown Flipbooks Key Features - Individual Page

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