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Have you used Video to improve your Social Media and brand awareness? Here are some reasons why you should!

Video generates 12x more shares than images and text. Did you know YouTube’s 1.6 Billion users watch a billion hours of video each day? Did you know Facebook’s 1.32 Billion daily users consume 8 billion Video views daily? Instagram just topped 1 Billion people using their platform. By 2020, over 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video. What does this mean for you?

It’s time for Yurown to improve the way Video works for YOU! Yurown Software, embedded You Tube video allows links within video you watch, that can be shared to other Social Media platforms, to allow video to be monetized with the ability to shop, browse and purchase as you view! Yurown's proprietary software allows you to move easily from one step to the next, customizing fonts, colors, and text along with providing a timer so you can highlight when you want links in your video to appear and disappear. Once you're ready to go, your video is perfect for a Facebook or other Social Media network ad to showcase your content to both your audience and potential new eyeballs!

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Videos Key Features


We offer a simple 13 step Tutorial that will have you be able to create your linking in a few minutes after logging into your account. The ease of use makes this a platform you’ll use time and again.

Text has a specific theme, your website or social media presence to title your link? Simply name the video in the description field and you’re all set.

Yurown Videos Key Features - Tutorial


With almost 1000 icons, Yurown offers targeted icons for you to put inside your videos. Broken down by most popular, social media and 10 other categories, whatever content you”ve created for your video will have the exact icons to showcase and highlight your video

Yurown Videos Key Features - Icons

Color Grid/ Font Size

Looking for a specific size link and color to tag and title your links inside your video or wish to have a different color for each link created? Yurown’s color grid allows you to personalize and create whatever you wish.

Yurown Videos Key Features - Font Size


Choose the time that you want your links to appear and fade in your video. Do you need several links to show up at once or to have them come out 10 seconds apart? Yurown's linking allows curated, customized content and the appropriate linking you desire.

Yurown Videos Key Features - Time/Duration

Add/Delete Link

Your links have changed and you need to add or delete a link. It’s as simple as using our delete button and adding a new link.

Yurown Videos Key Features - Add/Delete Link


Where would you like your links to appear in your video? We offer the option to tap the video to place your link or if you have a specific coordinate the link will be presented this way.

Yurown Videos Key Features - Position


Using the Share This arrow, choose whatever Social Media platform you want to send your video to and that’s it. So simple and user friendly

Yurown Videos Key Features - Share

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